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People will complain and when given the opportunity to do something, will sit back and do nothing.

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When you realize how incompetent government agencies are, it really is an eye opener. People will complain and cry about the inadequacy of certain things and not even realize it is what they voted for. Now, I won’t go and try to generalize everything into one simple statement but instead I will choose to explain one topic—something I’ve grown close to these past months.

After working for David these past months, we have had several conversations pertaining to various things. It is important to note he is very much a Republican. He hasn’t told me he is, but his responses and opinions speak for themselves. Being an insurance broker, he deals with government agencies on a daily basis. Being his assistant, I often find myself dealing with the same “crap” (as he would call it) he does. As an oblivious person myself, I did not know firsthand the power a single politician had on the general public. 

Obamacare, which basically consolidates health insurance to make it “easier” for people to have access to medical insurance, does in fact not make it “easier” for people to access medical insurance. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Doesn’t the president want everyone to have a universal health care access? So why not just allow the government even more power to take control of its people by standardizing health insurance? Better yet, let the government take care of it for you (yeah because we know that is a great idea).

Starting for next year’s enrollment period for medical insurance, everyone will have to apply through the government agency (if you live in California, it would be applied for through Covered California—a government agency). It doesn’t sound too bad, right? You fill out an application and everything gets sent in and processed and bam you now have medical insurance. You are good to go and everything is all right.

Some things to note:

  • The price of medical insurance will rise significantly (for no good reason in my opinion). From what I have seen on renewal sheets, employers and individuals are paying a good average 10 to 20 percent more for insurance coverage. This is just a guess based on my memory—not an entirely reliable statistic but you get my point.
  • Insurance companies will base your premium on an individual’s specific age and health, including all dependents. This means that if you are covered by your parent’s work place, their premium cost will either rise or fall because the company will take into account your specific age instead of solidifying the process by taking only your parent’s age into accountability. 
  • Commissions granted to insurance brokers and agents are granted on a monthly basis. They gain a flat rate percentage of their client’s premium payment. However, that will soon change and agents will receive an upfront single time payment for each client they bring in. Not only does this hurt an agent’s income, it provides no incentive for an agent to work or help their client for an extended period of time.

After dealing with Covered California for the past few months, I have not only grown a detestable hate toward the agency, but toward the carrier as well. If you did not already know, once you apply through Covered California, you are allowed to select a plan from various carriers such as Blue Shield, Kaiser, or Anthem. Not only does this exclude smaller, lesser known insurance companies from competition, it gives these larger companies the ultimate power to provide unacceptable service. In other words, the insurance realm becomes a monopoly of big companies who really could not care less about their subscribers. I have had to fight with these carriers and Covered California on numerous occasions for hours on end. If you have never called a government operated facility before, you truly do not know how ignorant a grand majority of these people are.

First of all, the people handling your life policies are incompetent, low-level, uneducated people. You will get a semi-educated person here and there but typically, a complete dimwit will answer your call and “help” you with your problems. I have had four cases where I enrolled four different individuals through Covered California (please note again, a government agency) in June and by the end of July, they were still not covered nor did they have any insurance. The typical wait period is a maximum of 30 days but most people receive their information about their policy within a week. Now, I had to call their health carrier (Blue Shield in this case) and ask them why these individuals were not being covered as several had health issues and needed to seek medical help.

Blue Shield consistently answers with the same response, “Sorry but we never received their application from Covered California.” 

So I would call Covered California and they would say, “We already sent their application to Blue Shield.”

Basically, these people don’t do their jobs, they don’t care about quality service, they make mistakes and blame each other, and they make people’s lives harder than they should be. Now, it seems like an easy fix right? Just simply resend the application and the individual will eventually get their insurance. No—that is just wishful thinking. I cannot recall how many times I had to call in to check the status of these individuals’ applications only to find that it still has not been sent, received, or processed. I am literally yelling on the phone at these people because they refuse to do their job. The agencies do not care. They do not care if you are covered or not. They work inefficiently and never get things done; they could not care less because they are a large company that will never have to worry about business. After all, people are forced to select from a very few number of insurance companies. We all know how well that goes when there is no competition between facilities and businesses.

Obamacare is supposedly supposed to allow everyone free access to health care. But here I have clients wanting to be insured but cannot even get their application processed within a timely manner resulting in delays and complications. Are people really getting the health care services they need?

Have fun speaking to a representative when you have a problem with your carrier. I can assure you they will not help you.

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